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In Plant Programme

BAA Consult has evolved over the years as one of the leading training organizations in Nigeria, offering a large variety of training products (in-plant, open course, and off-shore) to impact the knowledge, skills and attitude of employees of organizations whose mandates cut across profit-seeking and not-for-profit endeavours.

Our training solutions are uniquely designed for identified productivity problems, whether skill, knowledge or attitude related. These programmes have been delivered excellently over the years, and the firm’s reputation is such that most of its transactions in this aspect of its business are either repeat purchases or referrals from delighted customers/clients.

Our team comprises of sector-experienced and renowned faculty with vast experience as well as exposure coupled with our holistic methodology to deliver quality service thereby leaving a long-lasting impression with participants. But more importantly, when the delegates begin to apply the knowledge and skills acquired at our training programmes, there would be a remarkable effect in your organization operation and performance.

Depending on the training needs of client organizations we have different training programmes that we have delivered excellently over the years and they are broken down into programmes.

Management Programmes
  • Anticipating & Managing Disruptive Change
  • Change management
  • Cost reduction strategies
  • Crisis management in service delivery
  • Financial control & cost management
  • Key account management
  • Performance management and conflict resolution strategy
  • Process improvement and basic management
  • Strategy formulation and Implementation
  • Strategic Analytics & Execution
  • Strategic Treasury Management
  • Unleash Productivity: Beat Competition
  • Business management skills
  • Research, Market Scanning and Data mining
  • Decision making with full business responsibility (using Business strategy game)
  • Strategic Management and Succession Planning
Banking Programmes
  • Asset and Liability Management
  • Advance Commercial credit analysis
  • Accounting for Non-Accountants
  • Collective Investment Scheme, Venture Capital & Private Equity + Risk Management
  • Corporate Market & Risk Management
  • Debt recovery management
  • Financial control & cost management
  • Foreign Banking Services
  • Fraud and Forgeries
  • Financial Analysis for Lending Decisions
  • Market risk analysis
  • Mastering Corporate Finance: Principles
  • Profitable banking lending
  • Project risk analysis for lending
  • Risk-Based internal audit framework
  • Special credit course for retail (Private) credit customer
  • Loan syndication
  • Loan Workout & Recovery Strategies
  • Financial statement analysis and interpretation
  • Economics, Banking and Central Bank FX/Monetary Policy
  • Specialized Credit Course for Structured Accounts and Market Branches
Finance Programmes
  • Accounting and Finance for Non-Finance Executive
  • Market & Financial Risk Analysis
  • Introduction to Derivatives
  • Equity and Fixed Income analysis
  • Financial modelling and valuation
Regulatory and Compliance Programmes
  • Risk Based Supervision, Anti-Money Laundering & Combating the Financing of Terrorism I
  • Advanced Risk Based Supervision, Anti-Money Laundering & Combating the Financing of Terrorism
  • Financial Analysis and Reporting
Soft skills programmes
  • Persuasion and negotiating skills
  • Introduction to Business writing and presentation skills training
  • Advanced Business writing and presentation skills training
  • Interpersonal and communication skills training
  • Habituating Personal effectiveness
  • Relationship management and marketing strategies
  • Customer service and customer experience
  • Employability skills training
  • Building and Leading Teams
  • Working in and With Teams
  • Critical Thinking and Decisiveness
  • Selling and Negotiation Skills
Leadership Programmes
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • 21st Century Leadership: The Cutting Edge.
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership
Human Resources Programmes
  • Intermediate and Advanced Trainings for Human Resource Professionals
  • Human Resource Consultant Trainings

Our courses are available as in-plant, open-course, off-shore and e-learning. We offer all these courses and more. Contact us today for full listing of available courses. You can view and download our open courses training programme