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For over two decades, BAA Consult has practiced the art of proffering strategic training and business solutions to major players in different sectors of the Nigerian economy. This rests on the vision of the firm, which is:

“To be rated as the Best Consulting Service Provider”

This is why our mantra is “effective solution”, which is attested to by several of the organisations that have patronized us in our 24 years (since March 1994) of operation.


To create and deliver superior value to our customers, and constantly exceed the expectations of all our stake-holders

The ultimate aim of the firm is to become:
“Consultants and Trainers of First Choice”


B. ADEDIPE ASSOCIATES LIMITED (“BAA Consult”, for short) is an indigenous business management consulting firm that was incorporated in February 1993, as General Management and Financial Consultants, and commenced operations in March 1994. The company has built on the professional experience of its Chief Consultant (Dr. ‘Biodun Adedipe) and his complementary relationships, and in the course of time developed a reputation for excellent delivery in every of its four business platforms of Strategy, Talent Development, Human Capital Services and Research/Economic Analysis. Our company has, over the years, built a reputation in the Nigerian financial services industry as a top brand in financial consulting across operators and regulators, as well as for a growing number of non-financial business organizations including but not limited to maritime, technology, oil and gas, manufacturing, education, health, non-governmental organizations as well as various arms of the government.

BAA Consult has engaged in a diversified portfolio of transactions over its two decades of operation and corporate experience and we have assisted our clients to improve their organizational effectiveness, strategy formulation and implementation, build human capacity, bring their business ideas to fruition and solve present and future problems they may have.

Our principle is simply to measure our success by the success of our clients, and this has been the driving force behind enduring long-term relationships with our clients.

At BAA, we believe a client’s success is the major metric for our success, this is what we live by, and this is why we put in the time to ensure our materials are updated and insightful to whoever partners with us on our journey to a long lasting legacy of excellence.

The Talent Development Unit is one of three business units at the inception of BAA Consult in 1994. The unit has evolved ever since to become one of the leading specialized corporate training organizations in Nigeria, offering a large variety of training programmes, using its in-house and external Associates to transfer industry leading knowledge, skills and attitudes to employees of profit and nonprofit seeking organizations, locally and internationally.

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