Business Strategy & Consulting

Our strategy experts in the team, help our client to identify their major strategic challenges and provide personalised solutions that help drive their business to full economic potentials, as well as compete and thrive in today’s’ global economy.

Our core strategy expert consulting includes strategy development through:
  • At BAA Consult, our approach to strategy falls within the context of five phases.
  • First, we dimension the operating environment and selected market segments in which your business operates as well as the strategic issues confronting it, followed by an industry analysis and then a current state assessment of your business including but not limited to your vision, mission and core value elements, operating model, governance and financial position. In the fourth stage, we formulate your unique business strategies that would create the competitive edge for your organization in line with your business model while also making financial projections for the plan period. The final phase is the implementation road map
  • The essence of a retreatis to have an occasion to move away from the routine and other activities that might clutter the mind and crowd out strategic thinking. It provides a forum for the Board (and on occasions the Management or core staff) of the organization to come together to brainstorm on the strategies for making the organization realize its full potentials and align properly its overall vision, mission, core values and strategy.
  • BAA will provide the guidance and direction in designing the strategic choices that will guide the company to achieve its goals and objectives.
  • Our approach to retreat facilitation is in the context of the strategic tripod of Strategy, Systems and People.

When this process is managed properly, it can be a veritable tool for review and update (and indeed the delivery) of a strategic plan.

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  • We can restructure and reposition your business unit that provides strategy direction and coordinates business unit plans in order to implement and achieve your corporate strategies.
  • We can help you define your long term strategies, explore new market opportunities and optimize across your existing business.
  • For us at BAA Consult, we understand that in the disruptive economy that we are now, organizations might need a re-engineering of their business process to continue to compete in their market space.
  • We work with your team to re-think and re-design your business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in cost, quality, speed and efficiency of service.
  • We combine different innovative strategies to make major improvements in your business process so that your company can be much stronger and successful at competing in the marketplace.
  • We can help you to develop your market plan first by identifying promotional opportunities and evaluating the marketing opportunities; this is followed by research, analyses and identification of target markets to operate within.
  • After which we develop a strategic position for your company to pursue and an implementation road map to achieve its objectives. The result of the marketing efforts is then measured and evaluated.

Based on our years of experience we can help you design and develop a strategy department in your organization.